This meditation is so powerful that if done in a group of seven people, the energy is equivalent to having 100 people meditating together. Imagine 100 people aiming a massive tunnel of divine energy to a troubled area of a country, with the intention of transforming this area into peace and that which brings forth only good for the people and the country. One of the fastest and effective ways to activate the heart and crown chakras is by blessing the earth with loving-kindness. Without the development of the heart in people, world peace will not be possible. By blessing the earth with loving-kindness, we are doing a form of world service and in turn we are blessed many times. “It is in blessing that we are blessed. It is in giving that we receive”. THIS IS THE LAW. Daily Pranic Healers all over the world are doing this meditation to bless their relationships with loved ones, blessing individuals and communities with positive change, blessing countries about to be hit with natural disasters to minimize the damage and loss of lives and so much more.

The potency of the blessing is increased when it is done in a group. Just as Pranic Healing can “miraculously” cure simple and severe ailments, the Meditation on Twin Hearts when practiced by a large number of people can also miraculously heal the entire earth, making the earth more harmonious and peaceful.


Meditation on Twin Hearts rapidly activates the heart and crown centers, which is necessary to achieve union with the higher soul. Therefore, it is advisable to practice the Meditation on Twin Hearts regularly. This meditation is simple, but very powerful.

The crown chakra controls and energises the brain, therefore by doing Meditation on Twin Hearts, the brain cells become highly energised. When Meditation on Twin Hearts is done by children, it energises their brain cells and as a result they think faster, become less moody and more emotionally stable. Children can do this meditation ONLY ONCE A WEEK. Meditation on Twin Hearts enables the students to study and learn at a faster rate. In India some students do the Meditation on Twin Hearts before examination. This enables them to study a lot of reading materials in just a short period of time.

For managers and executives, doing the Meditation on Twin Hearts tremendously increases their mental capacity and enables them to think faster and sharper, thus they are able to make faster and better decisions.

Meditation on Twin Hearts is recommended for everybody for the following reasons:

  • It generates inner peace
  • It cleanses the aura and chakras which makes the person psychologically more stable
  • It accelerates spiritual growth
  • It energizes the brain cells hence making people smarter and mentally sharper

Meditation on Twin Hearts has cleaning and energising effects on the brain and nervous system. It would be a good idea for people with brain and nervous system disorders to do this meditation regularly, about twice a week only. DO NOT OVERDO the meditation as it may result in pranic energy congestion of the brain.

Initial experiments were done in Italy on patients with multiple sclerosis, combining proper medical treatment, Meditation on Twin Hearts and Advanced Pranic Healing. After six months the patients showed remarkable, amazing improvement.

Many of the patients who had serious impediments in moving their arms and legs were able to walk and move their arms normally.

“Excerpt from Achieving Oneness with the Higher Soul, by Master Choa Kok Sui”

Why Meditation on Twin Hearts?

This is ancient wisdom updated and made practical for the busy modern world, but without sacrificing the power and truth of the teachings.

Among all the meditation techniques revealed to the public, Twin Hearts Meditation is perhaps one of the most effective and efficient meditations that has recorded many glowing testimonials of personal healing, spiritual uplifting, relationship improvements and positive life transformations.  To know more about this meditation, please click on the link provided: http://pranaworld.net/benefits-of-twin-hearts-meditation/

Research and Scientific studies have been completed on the neurophysiological, psychological, sociological and psychospiritual effects of the Meditation on Twin Hearts. These studies have been conducted mostly in New York City, N.Y. and in Bangalore, India.

Sociological Benefits

  • Regular practice of Meditation on Twin Hearts has shown improved and enhanced relationships. It has proven to save marriages and relationships that were falling apart.
  • In Columbia and India, Meditation on Twin Hearts is done every morning before starting the work day. There has even been use of Meditation on Twin Hearts in corporate companies such as banks and businesses.
  • There has been promotion of peace in the environment, society and country, and a significant reduction of violence. In Columbia there are regular groups of Meditation on Twin Hearts practitioners blessing the country and their areas. There has been a greater response in aiding catastrophies such as storms and floods (Venezuela), earthquakes (India). Several positive political changes have taken place in the Philippines, Columbia, and El Salvador.

Psychological Benefits

  • Meditation on Twin Hearts is used as a meditation tool for stress relief in Stress Management Programs.
  • There is a noticeable relaxation of the body, calming of the emotions and stillness of the mind.
  • Regular practice of Meditation on Twin Hearts results in increasing contentment, happiness, inner peace and joy in life.
  • There has been improved and enhancement of relationships with spouses, family members and co-workers.
  • There was complete cessation of drug abuse following the Meditation on Twin Hearts and is presently being used in drug rehabilitation programs.
  • In conjunction with Pranic Healing, Meditation on Twin Hearts has also shown increased academic performance, athletic skills, behavioral functioning, improved memory and overall school and job performance.

Psychospiritual Benefits

  • Opens the awareness to the infinite reservoir of energy, creativity, and intelligence that lies deep within everyone.
  • The meditation relaxes the body, calms the emotions and stills the mind.
  • Regular practitioners of Meditation on Twin Hearts attain inner happiness, inner peace and fulfillment.
  • Meditation on Twin Hearts can hope to achieve Illumination and profound expansion of consciousness.
  • Spiritual aspirants who practice this meditation regularly may experience envelopment of dazzling, even blinding light. Practitioners may also experience divine ecstasy and bliss, and a feeling of oneness with all creation. This can be verified through the holy scriptures of all religions.
  • Increased sizes of chakras and auras making the energy  body stronger and more dynamic.
  • After practicing Meditation on Twin Hearts, pranic healers were noted to heal patients quicker than before and with amazing results.
  • With regular practice, one becomes more intelligent and develops increased intuitive abilities.

Many practitioners of the Meditation on Twin Hearts have reported heightened levels of intuition, increased healing powers, sharper and more organized mental faculties, inner peace, loving kindness, compassion, enhanced spiritual service, brighter and more balanced aura, larger chakra’s, enhanced communication with the inner spheres and Higher Self, the development of clairvoyance and other inner psychic abilities, healthier physical body, more success in life with less stress, and a more balanced personality.