Blessed Salt  (250g)
Blessed Salt  (250g)

Blessing Options

  • SAFE TRAVELS – protects and shields during travels and delivers safely to destinations
  • PROTECTION FOR FAMILIES - shields the house and protects occupants from harm and danger
  • PROTECTION FOR BABIES AND CHILDREN - shields from nightmares and energies that disturb their sleep
  • SELF PROTECTION - from energies of anger, resentment, jealousy, hatred, and envy sent by others intentionally or unintentionally
  • DECONTAMINATE HOME –from energies of sickness and diseases
  • PURIFY HOME – from energies of violent thoughts, anger, helplessness and unwholesome thought-forms
  • CLEANSE HOME – remove energies of all previous owners and occupants from within the house
  • EXTRACT – invisible and harmful energy beings from within the home
  • SELF PURIFICATION – from contaminated energies picked up from hospitals, public transports, workplace, hotel beds, chairs, congested spaces etc
  • STRESS RELIEF – disintegrate all energies of stress and promotes healing, peace and calmness
  • FOOD PURIFICATION - purify foods from physical and energy contaminations before cooking (helps with digestion and irritable bowel syndrome)
  • BLESS FOOD – food is blessed with divine energies. May be used for cooking and serving.

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