Energy Healing for Children

By Indra Sharma

NZD $20.00

This book was specifically written with infants, toddlers, and young children in mind. It offers simple yet effective protocols to assist parents with a range of minor discomforts and health issues that might arise with their Little Ones. These protocols have been personally created and tested by the author with the help of The Divine Beings.

Some of the Protocols Provided in this book include:

Protocol for Separation Anxiety from Parents
Protocol to Heal Food Contamination
Protocol to Remove Negative Side Effects of Medication
Protocol – Energy Contamination Between Parents and Children
Protocol – Healing Birth Trauma
And Many More!
To purchase and instantly download the E-Book, please click on the link below. As always, please feel free to provide insight, comments, and share your experiences.

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2 reviews for Energy Healing for Children

  1. Swami Champak Anand

    Excellent Book. Simple instructions for complex issues, straight forward language. Cook book style direct drive operators manual. This ebook is in easy access ebook format. The book is written in our familiar cookbook style that GMCKS loved. This style gives the reader the ability to quickly master the process.

  2. Louka P

    I actually used the ebook for myself before doing Forgiveness work to heal a breathing problem which has been ongoing for some years. The exercise was supercharged as I felt alot of relief and afterward I did some singing and felt I could get more breath than usual. Later that night my wife and I watched a comedy that we regularly have been watching but this night it was way funnier. I had laughing fits with tears lasting several minutes. Alot of release (in unexpected ways). Now I feel progress of my healing is much accelerated when focusing more deeply on the Invocation. With much gratitude I highly recommend the ebook.

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