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Get in touch with us to set up your own personalized healing session. We offer in home sessions and distance healing. Healing timings differ from person to person as per their healing needs. Charges will be advised upon consultation.

Simple Cases: Headaches, Migraine, Eye Strain, Earaches, Toothache, Nose Bleeding, Cough, Cold and Stuffy Nose, Sore Throat, Stomach Pain and Gas Pain, Constipation, Diarrhoea, Parasitic Worms,  Frozen and Stiff Shoulders and Neck, Muscle and Back Pain, Minor Arthritis or Rheumatism,  Concussion, Eczema, Skin Allergies, Boils, Pimples, Insomnia, General Weakness, Poor Appetite, Relieving Tiredness, Stress, Tension, Insect Bites, Cuts, Inflamed Wounds

Womens Health:  Premenstrual Symptoms, Dysmenorrhea, Irregular or Absence of Menstruation, Prevention of Miscarriages, Infertility, Difficulty in Giving Birth, Before and After Surgery Treatment

Mens Health:        Sexual Impotence, Enlarged Prostate

Intermediate Cases: Measles, Mumps and Tonsils, Gum Bleeding, Pyorrhoea, Near-sightedness, Astigmatism etc, Cross Eyes and Walleyes, Chronic Glaucoma, Heart Ailments, High Cholesterol, Sinus, Respiratory Issues  Pneumonia, Gastritis,  Ulcers, Haemorrhoid, Chronic Appendicitis, , Urinary Tract Infection, Kidney and Bladder Infections,   Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Broken Bones, Gout, Scoliosis, Paralysis due to Stroke, Endocrine Ailments, Reducing the Rate of Old Age (prevention)

Advanced Cases: Immunity and Défense Systems, Disorders of the Eyes, Ears and Throat, Skin Disorders, Heart and Circulatory Ailments, Respiratory Ailments, Gastrointestinal Ailments, Urinary Ailments, Reproductive Ailments, Endocrine Ailments, Skeletal and Muscular Disorders, Blood Disorders, Disorders of the Brain and Nervous Systems

Psychotherapy: (powerful tool in healing psychological ailments) Stress, Irritability, Anxiety, Grief, Hysteria, Fear, Traumas, Compulsions and Obsessions, Depression, Mental Development Disability (Autism, Dyslexia, Stuttering),

Relationship Healing: (thoughts and emotions) Removing stagnant blocked energies to allow one to easily move on from past painful relationships, grief and trauma from loss of loved ones, cleansing and aligning energy blockages to cultivate better relationships between couples, work colleagues, friends, family members.

Distant Healing is also offered Locally and Internationally as most clients prefer this mode of healing.

Because of the special nature of energy work, distance healing is not an issue. How does this work? Energy travels where thought goes so you can be in the comfort of your home or in your office during lunch time break while your healing is being done. Distant Healings are also available for people who are suffering from severe ailments and/or are immobile. Anyone who is not a fan of being stuck in traffic and busy mums can request a healing for a specific time when it’s convenient, for example, when the children are asleep or when you are taking a nap. You do not have to be physically present or awake for the healing to work. Living out of town or in another country? No problems.! All of these healings can be done from the comfort of your home, hospital bed or office. Distance healing is a very effective form of healing.


Cleansing jewellery and other personal effects: in many countries, it is a common practice for parents or grandparents to hand down jewellery or pieces of jewellery to their children. This is good but one must understand that a jewellery and clothing (from family members or friends) and store-bought pre-loved items which used to belong to another person contain previous psychic impressions that may not be wholesome. Personal items previously owned by persons suffering from ailments could easily pass onto the next person and this could cause serious health problems for the person. Always cleanse and purify these items before putting them on yourself. Also, when buying jewellery one must be aware that the jewellery has been handled by many people and in the process impregnated with their thoughts and possibly unwholesome energies, therefore, it would be wise to clean the item before putting them on yourself.

Cleanse and purify homes of negative and stress energies: these energies can be created due to bringing work stress home, negative and or unhappy emotions of other family members, guests who are physically or psychologically unwell, visitor envy, neighbours envy or anger, invisible beings etc

Business Healing: a business is similar to an entity and has energy. In some offices where there is tremendous work stress, the office is impregnated with stress energy and psychic contamination. This not only affects the productivity of the business but also the people working in this environment. Competitor envy, tension, anxiety, stress and negative thoughts and emotions generated by employees directly affect the success of the business.  

Pet Healing: healing for physical injuries and psychological issues. Like us humans, pets also suffer from pain, anxiety and stress. Energy healing can help alleviate their suffering. Pre and post-surgical treatments are also offered to help stabilise and calm the animals before going into surgery and to ensure surgery goes appropriately. Post surgery treatments can be applied for rapid healing so they can get back on their feet faster. This service is also offered via distant healing so you do not have to cart the injured pet around with you!