B Carrigan, St Heliers, Auckland

“I received 13 healing sessions from Indra over the course of a few weeks, having 2 sessions a week

Not having had remote healing before, I wasn’t sure what to expect but surprisingly felt many physical sensations – usually very intense, during our sessions. I am recovering from 5 years of PTSD, including symptoms of anxiety and insomnia. I had been sleeping with a light on but had gradually been dimming the lamp a few weeks previous to our first session. After our first session, I felt calm enough to sleep without a light on at all, for the first time in months.

In the 2 months since I completed my sessions, I have become more and more reliably free of anxiety.

It now takes a serious upset to shake me and I take far less time to recover (minutes not days!) – which I think is normal 🙂 I also now sleep earlier (rarely later than 1 am) and enjoy more of the ‘productive’ morning hours.

I have suffered from chronic musician-related RSI in my back and carpel tunnel in my arms for many years and felt intense sensations in these areas during our sessions. Over the course of my treatments the sensations became less intense. I recommend Indra to anyone considering energy healing”

Ms Patel, Auckland

“Herniated Disc- feel instant relief from pain- I would not have come this far without the healing. Also suffered a bad case of constipation due to the prescribed pain medication that led to more excruciating pain on my back. Sought healing for constipation which was immediate relief”

Sonakshi, Botany,Auckland

“I was finding it difficult to move on from my old relationship and needed the bond to be removed so I could move on instead of being stuck in a relationship that wasn’t going anywhere – I feel so much relief now”

Karishma, South Auckland

“Been in an abusive relationship for fours years. I am now in much happier place and in a new relationship – in one healing”

Mel, Hillsborough, Auckland

“Lack of energy, depression and basically not feeling too good – thank you for the healing – I felt immediate relief “

Shabnam, Auckland

“I had been experiencing immense stress and anxiety which resulted in a burning sensation in my throat, ongoing fever and skin irritations for some time. Amazing results in one treatment”

Mrs K, Auckland

“I got couple of times healing sessions from Indra. I was amazed with her depth and healing powers which is the outcome of decades of practices and only when one is fully dedicated to it. That’s what makes it much more effective. Indra is not only doing it with its proper techniques but is also totally engrossed in it with her devotion. She is fully versed with the language of energies. She picked up on what exactly I had been going through within me for months and got it so right, she easily picked up what sort of energy was blocked and even which part of body.

She has got gift of healing which she further developed it with her regular hard work practices and disciplined life styles. I understand and believe that Pranic Healing is an ancient art of healing that is used to correct energy imbalances in the body’s energy field. The Western world has accepted it finally with its own research. Indra’s healing powers has wonderfully transformed me physically and psychologically. I got immense benefits with these sessions which healed my body by restoring my life-force and facilitating smooth energy flow around the body. I am now able to feel the energy of the universe every day “

Name withheld for privacy reasons, Mission Bay, Auckland

“Suffering from past 4 years with renal failure and stroke. After 1st session, first time in 4 years I had dreams. Best sleep ever – so peaceful. No longer feeling drowsy/groggy – brain feels clear – no fogginess. Feeling of clarity, head feels lighter and much better overall. Before used to get up feeling groggy and slept rest of the day. After 3rd session today woke up feeling energized & slept well too. Went for a drive for half a day. After 4th session, joined the gym. Overall feeling very positive and now feeling confident to walk. Before was weakness in arms and legs”

Name withheld for privacy reasons, U. S. A

‘Fell off the stairs and landed on my head- taken to emergency and told I had suffered concussion. A & E told me to go home and rest. I started having blurry vision in one eye and headaches and really bad neck pain and spent all day in bed. In two sessions my vision improved. Had really severe sudden pain in my neck and that was healed in one 15 min session through distant healing”

Name withheld for privacy reasons,U. S. A

“ I contacted Indra as a last resort as nothing seemed to be working for us. I have a teenage daughter on multiple addictions. She left home, stopped communicating with me and naturally as a mother I was extremely worried for her safety. I organised a few healing sessions for her and what I experienced was nothing short of miraculous. After few healings only she called me out of the blue and we chatted for hours and also agreed to go for counselling. Through these healings I also came to be aware of my own shortcomings that had caused my daughter to become “troublesome”. Indra guided me through this painful process and helped to me to learn to let go of all that I had been carrying inside me. I jokingly told Indra she must be a sorcerer as she is really good at what she does”.

Sasha, Ohio, U.S A

“Chronic depression and mood swings due to heavy medications, multiple mood swings from aggression to breaking down crying over little things. Lost a few very close family members including my dad during this time and this completely had me in a downward spiral. Paid a few healers to get healing done but didn’t work – if anything made it worse. I then reached out to Indra for healing and in ONE healing, my life changed. I’m scared to think where my life would have taken me if it hadn’t been for her help. The healing lasted almost two hours and I slept through the healing. I still receive regular weekly healings now to help me stay focused and free from stress and anxiety and would highly recommend everyone to give it a try. The best thing about this healing is there are no drugs or medications involved. Just plain healing and you wake up feeling a changed person”.

Mike, Lynfield, Auckland

“I was recently admitted to Auckland Hospital due to my heart condition (blockages etc). After being released from the hospital I started experiencing shortness of breath so much so that I had to stop and catch my breath a few times just trying to wheel the rubbish bin onto the curb. Seeing how the healing helped my wife I approached Indra to do a healing on me. Prior to the healing I had been experiencing a lot of pain in my right arm – which I hadn’t told Indra about.

During the healing, I could feel this warm and heavy sensation moving from my head to my chest, around my heart, my arms, and both my knees. I felt the energy circulating around my entire body 3 times before I went into a deep sleep. Generally, I would need a strong drink to put me off to sleep! I must say I am quite pleasantly surprised by the results of the healing. I woke up feeling different. The pain in my arm had disappeared, I feel more energised now and not so out of breath like I used to be. Now I am able to do things and not get puffed up just walking to the letterbox. I am very keen for a few more healing sessions”